PBX with flexibility

No matter where you are, stay in contact with your clients

A Strong, user-friendly PBX solution for managing all business and hospitality communications


We are here to make simple the phone system that helps you simplify your business

VoIP PBX, or IP PBX, is a business telephone system that transmits phone calls over an IP network rather than the traditional telephone network. 

The cloud-based IP PBX can help cut costs, improve remote collaboration, and increase efficiency by integrating with other software.


Total Communication

Enjoy this unified communication solution, which is powered by cloud technology, to improve your systems and increase business communication. Get voice, fax, voicemail, extensions, conference calls, intercom calling, and toll-free numbers in addition to the standard PBX. We also offer Virtual PBX features like full mobile integration, business SMS, video calls, and online meetings.

Full Flexibility

Lower operational costs over time, simple configuration, and straightforward management are a few benefits of FamePBX. You can change your phone lines and configurations as needed to suit your business needs when IP and PBX technologies are combined in telephony. Compared to the conventional PBX system, we offer greater flexibility. You can easily operate our phone system.


Customer Experience

One platform that makes you happy. Customers love our brand, including customer service, and quality. Some customers prefer our “Hybrid PBX” phone system, while others love the “VoIP PBX” for communication. You will see how simple and easy it is to use FamePBX’s call management. All phone, SMS, video, email, customer experience, and productivity tools are combined here in one location for all conversations.

Amazing Features

Pinless Calling

Pinless Calling services can be accessed from landlines, mobile phones, or even VoIP platforms, enhancing the ease of communication for you.

Superior Voice quality

Our voice quality is characterized by minimal distortion, background noise reduction, and the accurate transmission of a speaker’s tone.

Aggressive Low Rates

Our rates could refer to exceptionally affordable international calling or data plans that aim to capture a more extensive customer base.

No Connection Fees

By eliminating connection fees, our users can enjoy a straightforward and predictable billing experience without unexpected charges when making calls.

No Expiration Date

We offer our customers a “no expiration date” for more convenience, allowing them to use their purchased items or services whenever it best suits their needs.

24/7 Live Support

The availability of 24/7 live support demonstrates a commitment to our customer satisfaction and prompt problem resolution.

Fame PBX made our IP Telephony very smooth. The new phone system gives more personalized to our guests, improved facilities for our staff and better control to the technical team. But the real beauty of their phone system is the fast, friendly deployment and cost reduction. 

Yolanda Jenkins


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A Strong, user-friendly solution for managing all business interactions
The Total platform for communications
The phone system makes simple to operate your business
PBX with Flexibility
No matter where you are, stay in contact with your clients
The Full Telecom Infrastructure
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The Total Platform For Communications

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