The ultimate goal of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is to make the administrative processes of the healthcare system comparatively easier and to protect patients’ privacy. Information security concerns are associated with the guidelines and play a vital role in the HIPAA Privacy Rule to achieve compliance.

The purpose of this rule is to protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) as it moves through the healthcare system. Healthcare organizations, including payers, providers, and clearinghouses, are bound to comply with the Privacy Rule.

Importance of HIPAA Compliance

To support organizations operating in the healthcare sector comply with the HIPAA Privacy Rule, Security Standards have been set to ensure that the organizations protect PII. These standards include technical security mechanisms and services, physical safeguards, and administrative procedures. Security Standards compliance and overall HIPAA compliance outlined by the Act is imperative to the companies that have ongoing business operations in the healthcare sector. Failure to abide by HIPAA and follow the Privacy Rule may not only result in regulatory actions, such as fines, but also direct business loss such as penalties from lawsuits, damage to reputation and degradation of the public’s trust.

FamePBX HIPAA Healthcare Compliance Services

FamePBX offers a wide range of services to support healthcare organizations in addressing HIPAA compliance Security Standards. We have extensive experience partnering with healthcare providers and we can support you in improving your security and compliance situations while decreasing costs. As described below, our Professional Services and Enterprise Security Services align directly with many components of the HIPAA Security Standards.

For organizations in the Healthcare industry, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has sped the movement to better access to patient records, electronic health records, and stronger data protection. However, it’s also introduced serious penalties for organizations that fail to comply with its guidelines, including multimillion-dollar fines and serious reputation damage.

FamePBX HIPAA Compliance Solution

Our HIPAA-compliant hosting services utilize advanced technologies and sophisticated strategies to ensure our customers can meet and exceed HIPAA requirements. These tools and practices include:

  • Support: Our trained experts work with your company to design and implement the ideal approach to HIPAA-compliant hosting. These professionals fully understand HIPAA requirements and will combine that knowledge with your business needs. We also conduct regular reviews of your cloud or dedicated solution to optimize performance, in addition to ad hoc customer service.

  • Monitoring: We deliver 24×7 monitoring for your environment, along with first–responder issue escalation in the event of abnormal or suspicious activity.

  • Server Management: We will handle any and all aspects of server management, from antivirus and antimalware remediation to log analysis to host vulnerability scanning and beyond.

  • Database Management: We will actively monitor and manage your cloud–based database, delivering data backup, capacity planning, account audits, change management documentation, and more.
  • Network Administration: In addition to performance monitoring, change management, and configuration backups, we provide audit support, security scanning of network devices, and two–factor authentication support. This keeps your network safe, compliant, and as efficient as possible.

The Benefits of FamePBX HIPAA Compliance Management

At FamePBX, we deliver not just HIPAA-compliant hosting infrastructure, but complete compliance process management. FamePBX HIPAA compliance management services can deliver major benefits for your organization:

  • Reallocate Resources Spend less on infrastructure, staff and training.

  • Gain Momentum – Move your business forward by focusing on your core competencies instead of compliance.

  • Improve Stability– Trust your apps to run on a high-availability, secure infrastructure.

  • Mitigate Risk– Maintain your state of compliance, reducing risk and scope. Our HIPAA experts ensure your solution remains up to date as this law evolves and new regulations appear.

  • Secure Cloud– Leverage the latest scalable compliant cloud architecture.

  • Competitive Advantage– Deliver trust and credibility to your customers, paving the way for bigger opportunities.

  • Maintain Data Integrity– Fully secured backup and recovery of sensitive data.

  • Boost Agility – Deploy your HIPAA-compliant solution faster; ease audits with reduced scope and discovery time.
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